There is a reason why so many medical centers are opening in the Texas area. There was a time when the only place you could go if you were feeling ill at an odd hour was the ER. However, we do not think that ERs should be crowded by people who do not have a life threatening condition. It is very important for everyone to become aware of this distinction. If something is wrong with you and you are not sure what is wrong, or you are worried it may be life threatening, the ER is where you are going to go. But, for other situations, the medical center’s emergency room Houston is the place where you want to visit.

The reason why a 24/7 medical care center is the place to visit is because they can take care of these non-life threatening emergencies. For instance, if your kids were playing outside and one of them falls and hurts their leg, going to the ER does not make sense. Unless you fear it is as bad as a broken leg, it is probably a sprained ankle or something of the sort. You can go to the medical care center and they will look at your kid very quickly.

In contrast, you would not have the most pleasant experience at the busy ER. You would go there, fill out the forms and then must wait a couple of hours before they finally had the chance to see you. This is not what we want you and your family to experience. It is why we always recommend that you go to the emergency medical center instead of the hospital’s ER. It is the best place for people who have emergency injuries, but those injuries or illnesses are not life threatening or going to cause them a permanent disability.